Parrilla Grill - Keeping It Green

Good Karma In Green Living

Wrappin' Fatties is our specialty but with all of our food, supplies & Parrilla culture we strive to preserve our animal habitats, use supplies that don't hurt the environment & work with vendors that are conscious to humane processing & environmental preservation!  

Proud to be close to 100 percent free of plastics in our restuarant!  All of Parrilla's to go supplies & everything in our restaurant is plastic free.  We use real glassware, aluminum & choose earth choice products that are sustainable & biodegradable. 

Parrilla Organics:  

*Herbs - Dill, cilantro, tarragon, chives & mint are sourced from organic vendors out of Portland Oregon!  This is what makes our Aioli so good:)

*Beans - We source our beans from Columbia River Basin Farms.

*Tofu - Sourced from Organic Sumatra out of Eugene Oregon.

Tortillas - We wrap our fatties with Non GMO tortillas!  


Parrilla Meats & Seafood: 

*Steak - No fear, no stress facilities that use humane processing was something we've striven to find.  We found this in Folton Farms & Country Natural Beef COOP our of Brothers Oregon.

They bring us beef from healthy Land, healthy animals & healthy people. Country Natural Beef was founded for the purpose of providing establishments like us with a healthy and wholesome product that supports sustainable ranching. This means no hormones, no antibiotics & every bovine that they process can be accounted for knowing that it did not come from any outside source.  

Sysco - This vendor just won an award for providing Organics in Bend Oregon!  We have been one of the establishments pushing for additional options in organic products & green conscious supplies!  

Chicken - Domestically sourced, our Parrilla chicken is free range, domestically processed from Draper Valley! 

Pork - Sourced from Hills Farms out of Oregon using Iowa Pork COOP (which is actually not from Iowa) out of Pendelton Oregon!

Shrimp - We use Gulf caught shrimp as much as we can.  No injectables and no 3rd level farming are very important to us to ensure we are not contributing to wiping out our oceans of any remaining shrimp.  Our shrimp population in the ocean is already in a critical state!  

Salmon - Parrilla is proud to use only wild domestically caught Salmon!  We also are continuing to search for vendors who do not impact the salmon population of the ocean in a negative light!  

Seasonal Produce Sourced Locally:

Henshaw Urban Farms is extremely passionate about small scale intensive sustainable Organic farming practices and supplies us with product during the spring, summer & fall months!  

Henshaw farms is a private CSA striving weekly to bring you the freshest cut produce with the minimal impact on the planet in the most congenial wa
y, by reusing products, applying hand operated techniques as much as possible, using organic fertilizers, compost soil building methods in yards throughout Bend Oregon's Westside. By doing this we are determined to change the local food economy.

Smoked Salmon - Parrilla Grill Bend Oregon Restaurant

Our Smoked Salmon!  Featuring healthy & organic produce!

Thank you for supporting us in our movement to enjoy amazing food without having a negative impact on our environment & our wildlife habitats!  Cheers.